About ETU

About ETU:

ETUSchool is a school with its founding roots in both the Silicon Valley and Beijing, China. First opened in fall 2016, ETUSchool is dedicated to combining the leading pedagogy from the west with China’s culturally-rich curriculum to offer a personalized education with true appreciation of Chinese culture. In this way, we cultivate students to be globally competent citizens in a world where east and west becomes increasingly intertwined.

ETU offers an authentic immersive bilingual (English/Chinese) and personalized learning experience. Students and educators at ETU also have the opportunity to deepen their cultural awareness through exchange programs from China and around the world.

ETU promotes learn-by-doing through its project-based learning curriculum. We aim to inspire children by activating, protecting and promoting intrinsic motivations of children, who will become self-driven and life-long learners.

However, ETU is much more than a school, it’s an effort to redefine today’s education ecosystem through social innovation.

ETU’s founding team is comprised of experienced educators, seasoned management executives and a team of designers and engineers. ETU technology supports ETU operation, teacher professional development, curriculum, as well as an online lifelong learners community with thousands of members. In addition, ETU has ~770K followers through the founders’ wechat account. ETU philanthropy also supports education equality through its online communities and networks.

ETU brings together people from all walks of life who wanted a different education – one that is personalized, that activates children’s intrinsic motivation, and one that prepare children for tomorrow’s world by focusing on the fundamentals (creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration). ETU also aims to groom children to be tomorrow’s leaders – individuals who has both deep and authentic understanding of China as well as high level of global competency.

ETU’s Core Values:

The ETU’s Values represent the qualities and characteristics of all members of our learning community. We expect all students and teachers to model and promote these Values in their daily lives.

ETU’s Innovative Education System:

  • Teacher and Student centered education:
  • At ETU, we put teachers and students at the center of our education system.

    ETU empowers teachers through a structured professional development system and approach.

    At ETU School, students’ needs are key priorities. We combine interdisciplinary and project-based curriculum with innovative pedagogy to provide an inspiring educational experience for our students.

  • Professional Development System for ETU teachers:
  • ETU believes that teachers are researchers and innovators along with their role of being instructors in the education system. Therefore, every ETU teacher is given the freedom to be innovative in their teaching practice. Teachers are encouraged to go beyond their comfort zone to research and implement new pedagogical practices.

    ETU offers a holistic assessment and a certifying mechanism for teachers based on 5 key aspects of their role (curator, facilitator, coach, team-player and advocate) and 16 core competencies. This helps guide their efforts in personal and professional development.

    ETU’s IT system provides further support for educators in their pursuit of personal and professional development. Through ETU’s IT system, educators from the learning community have full access to diverse and high-quality educational resources.

  • Highly-efficient management and operation practices adopted from modern enterprises
  • ETU School’s management and IT support system ensure the school operates smoothly. The management team is comprised of professionals with rich experience in managing complex organizations from private sector.

    In a traditional managerial structure, teachers are ‘service deliverers” , being managed by principal and administrators. At ETU School, teachers are regarded as creators fully empowered and supported by school administration.

  • Putting schools back to the center of our communities
  • ETU’s IT platform puts the school back at the center of community. Through online communities enabled by our IT platforom “Magnet”, ETU School is able to make best use of social resources to support the school’s development and children’s education experience, such as providing teachers with professional development training and instant access to solutions on education-related issues, and providing students with integrated learning experiences by linking learning objectives with real life learning opportunities.

  • Promoting innovation and equality in education with technology
  • ETU APP is the key to ETU’s innovative education system.

    This platform is designed to meet the needs of different stakeholders within the school’s community. Some of its functions include:

    • Track students’ behaviors/progress
    • Facilitate a direct dialogue between the school and its parents
    • Collaborate different administrative functions of the school
    • Provide a customized professional development tool for teachers that can be accessed anywhere.
    • Enables a new type of learning driven by collaboration and sharing

    School History:

    Bio of ETU Founders:


    Yinuo Li:

    As one of the co-founders of ETU School, Yinuo is head of Gates Foundation China, and used to be a partner at the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company in both Beijing and Palo Alto.

    Yinuo and her husband Huazhang Shen run an influential social media account that covers a wide range of social issues in China, and has close to 600K followers. Yinuo also serves on the final selection committee for the Rhodes Scholarship, as well as on the Academic Advisory Committee of the Schwartzman Scholarship in Tsinghua University. The prestigious Schwartzman Scholarship is often referred to as the"Rhodes Scholarship in China", which aims to develop public and private sector leaders who understand China.

    Yinuo received a Ph.D in Molecular Biology from UCLA and a B.S. in Biology from Tsinghua University. Yinuo has also received a number of recognitions for her contributions to the societal development, and most recently she was elected as the World Economic Forum Young Global Leader in 2016.


    Huazhang Shen

    Huazhang has been a serial entrepreneur in IT space, and most recently is the founder of Magnet, an IT platform that enables community communications.

    Huazhang has a Master degree from California Institute of Technology and B.S. from University of Science and Technology in China.


    Xiaoyue Guo

    Xiaoyue Guo is the principal of ETU School. She is also one of the founders of Social Venture Partners (SVP), which is affiliated with the Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation. Xiaoyue has years of rich experiences in education, and has dedicated her career to exploring personalized education in China. Among many of her accomplishments, Xiaoyue also founded the Lexing Youth Experiential Learning Center in 2015.