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A Global Innovative School with Bilingual Mandarin to Take Root in Silicon Valley.

When Chris Bezsylko moved his family from XX to California in 2015, he wanted a place to realize his dreams as a seasoned educator: to empower learners with the mindset, skillset, and toolset to be their best selves and in turn prepare them as active participants in tomorrow’s world. Within 3 years, as the Head of School, he has built up a top, innovative private school in Palo Alto from scratch with great reputation among students and parents.

When Yinuo Li, a mother of three, moved her family from Bay area to Beijing in 2016 to found ETU School, her vision, as an ex-McKinsey partner and a sought after woman leader, is to “reimagine schools in a hyper-connected world”, to bring the “cognitive frontier” of the world into primary education; to nurture a generation that has strong intrinsic motives, fundamental competencies and a deep understanding of Chinese language and culture to be able to participate and lead in tomorrow’s world. Within 2 years, ETU School is seen as the icon of education innovation in China, receiving coverage from 50+ media outlets, including as cover and featured story on many examples.

Yinuo’s Op-Ed is also featured in the 2017 WISE education forum in Qatar

Fast forward to 2018, ETU School will open its Silicon Valley Campus in Sep 2018, with Chris being the Head of School, supported by ETU’s global platform and approach, solid Chinese language and math curriculum, teacher support program, advanced IT platform, as well as cross-cultural student and teacher exchange programs.

Come join us for the info session 3-5pm on March 17th 2018, (register here), to meet Yinuo and Chris in person and learn more about ETU Silicon Valley.

The vision for the ETU SV K-8 lab school:

A world-class, global education program

A problem-based and project-based approach to curriculum with a focus on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

An integration of rich bilingual mandarin and solid math program in the curriculum

A commitment and dedication to outdoor education and arts

A competency-based approach to teaching and learning

A dedicated lab school with a focus on pedagogy, innovation, and partnerships

A school-within-a-school program focused on dyslexia and executive functioning skills (do we want to promise this one?)

A deliberate effort to drive positive changes in the education ecosystem: a culture and community that meaningfully engages all stakeholders in individual and collective growth, and a purposeful connection to the real world, both locally and globally




  • 盖茨基金会中国负责人
  • 前麦肯锡全球董事合伙人
  • 2016年世界经济论坛“全球青年领袖”(Young Global Leaders)
  • 罗德奖学金中国区终选评委
  • 苏世民学者项目学术委员会委员
  • 清华大学本科,UCLA 分子生物学博士
  • 和先生申华章共同创立微信公众号“奴隶社会” ,有77万读者
  • 在中美都有长期工作生活的经验, 2016年3月,作为三个孩子的母亲,与丈夫华章共同创办一土教育(学校项目和盖茨基金会无关)
  • Huazhang


  • 资深互联网创业者,磁场(一个为社区打造的沟通App)的创始人
  • 前汽车O2O“卡拉丁”合伙人
  • “奴隶社会”公众号联合创始人,“活在未来”的深度思考者
  • 中国科学技术大学本科,加州理工大学生物学硕士
  • Huazhang


  • 北京乐平公益基金会下属的社会创新合作伙伴项目创始成员
  • 乐行青少年体验式学习中心创始人
  • 多年创新教育的经验,专注于个性化教育的探索与实践
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