Teaching and Learning

ETU advocates learner-centered education, with respect to every student’s individual needs for natural growth and development. We promotes learn-by-doing through our project-based learning curriculum, and inspire children by activating, protecting and promoting intrinsic motivations of children, who will become self-driven and life-long learners.

Teaching System

ETU offers an authentic immersive bilingual (English/Chinese) and personalized learning experience. Students and educators at ETU also have the opportunity to deepen their cultural awareness through exchange programs from China and around the world.


Core Curriculum

Based on China’s culturally-rich curriculum and subject standards, ETU School highlights interdisciplinary courses and Project-Based Learning, with immersive bilingual teaching methods.

Our kids acquire transferrable knowledge and are equipped with fundamental skills through an intentionally designed curriculum which is not just limited in subject matters, but penetrating subject learning in real life scenarios. As a result, students at ETU not only gain knowledge, but most importantly, apply knowledge to help solve real-world problems.

Hands-on Projects

By offering a variety of hands-on projects to our students, we allow children to peek into world with real life experience and motivate them to explore unknowns by celebrating curiosities. Meanwhile, we courage students to discover their real passion and become self-driven life-long learner through participating projects, where they attain key skills to communicate and collaborate with the others.

Self-awareness Courses

At ETU, we ask students to set goals in every day circle time (morning meeting), take reflections on achievements afterwards, join in the discussion to set class rules based on consensus, and share their feeling with the others. Through these efforts, students are inspired to know themselves and understand the norm of a community.


ETU’s STEAM courses challenge students to unleash their individual potential, and to nurture a mindset with which they dare to be wrong, open for different opinions, think critically and creatively.