“Children are the gifts, and the gate leading us to deep self-awareness.”

ETU parent school inherits the concept of ETU education, systematic teaching practices, using superior global resources to develop parental growth projects and builds a complete parent growth system that allowing parents to change from “ anxious service buyers” to “ life-long learners”.

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) has a number of project teams that fully support the school’s operations and co-construction work, and build a Home-school co-construction model based on deep mutual trust and equality, so that parents can meet right, interesting people here, and become the participants and peers of the school.

  • ETU philosophy and practice
  • Parent-school co-construction model
  • Parent self-growth course products
  • Family education environment construction
  • Student future guidance

Since its inception in 2017, the “Parent School Community” has brought together educational innovation explores and family education practitioners from around the world to explore and develop good programs. It makes everyone achieve the true meaning of growth in the process of doing, so that more people benefit from good education and resources

Xiaoyue Magic Workshop

WE believe family education is as important as school education. The Xiaoyue Magic Workshop is a workshop jointly initiated by ETU principal Xiaoyue and a group of parents. The monthly workshop is designed to ignite discussion, brainstorming and refection on topics that parents all care about around learning and parenting. As the online version of the workshop, the Village Community for parents has now attracted nearly 3500 registered users worldwide.

System Thinking Courses for Parents

Following the two popular”“System Thinking” courses in the parent-school, the founder of the China Children’s Museum Research Center, Zhang Yi and the team set up a systematic” Spiritual Parents Course”, which is centered around five modules “Quality Companion, Art Thinking, International Thinking, Cultural Self-confidence, and Systematic thinking.” Through online discussion, offline practices, teacher evaluation, questions and answers sessions, we will inspire everyone to think and let everyone go forward on the road of being a parent more firmly.

Mother Aesthetic Learning Camp

Teacher Dai Yanan gives school parents the exclusive” Mother Aesthetic Education Painting Camp”. The main focus of painting learning is to enhance parents’ aesthetic, artistic appreciation, artistic creation and the ability of integrating art in life. Teacher Yanan will introduce you as an artist how to observe, think, express and create, how to draw inspiration from every moment of life, discover details with new perspectives, choose, consider, carry out and complete your own works.

Playful Parenting

The eight-month “ Playful Parenting Community” aims to build a warm and playful learning community that makes parenting easier and allows us to “see” our children. The community will provide you with a game-based parenting perspective through online courses and workshops with distinguish guests. Through the support of teaching assistants, let “ learn” continue to practice in life, and let you change from” learn” to “ learned”, from “ learned” to “ done “.

Based on parents’ interests and needs, the parent school went from online to offline, planned and completed a number of themed workshops including project-based learning (PBL), second language acquisition teaching method TPRS, and Cohen Game Workshop. Children’s Skills Training Method Workshop, Parental Effectiveness Training (PET), Orthodox Parenting Workshop, Coaching Parent Workshop, Children’s Finance Workshop, Music Enlightenment Workshop and such.