Good education happens naturally.

ETU Space is a community learning space where children ages 4-12 and their families can learn and develop together. We bring together high-quality educational products from ETU School and the ETU parent community, and carefully select high quality educational resources from around the world. ETU Space adheres to ETU’s founding philosophy: we respect each child’s natural rhythm of growth and development, cultivate and protect children’s intrinsic motivations, and focus on what we call “whole-person” education. In an anxious and restless society, we hope to radically reform the educational environment, and return to the true spirit of sensible education by creating student-centered classrooms that allow for inquiry-based learning.

ETU Space courses are designed to meet each student’s unique learning needs and develop creativity, communication skills, cooperation skills, critical thinking skills. to protect students’ intrinsic motivation and imagination. By designing enriching, exciting curriculums and creating respectful, loving classrooms, we seek to help children discover and develop their strengths, gain lifelong learning habits and skills, and transform from passive learners into passionate innovators.

Outside of academics, ETU Space works intimately with the ETU parent community to discuss parenting methods and parent-child relationships. The essence of family education is a parent’s personal growth. When parents do their best, children naturally flourish. We will conduct a variety of community activities to provide parents with comprehensive family education and self-growth support. Let parents become children’s lifelong learning peers, not just anxious consumers of education services.

Reading is the path to freedom and happiness. Good reading habits will benefit children for life. ETU Space has a public reading area with thousands of bilingual picture books suitable for children of different ages, providing children with an ideal reading environment and enriching reading materials. To encourage children and adults to share the joy of reading, we will also make classic book recommendations for family education, invite speakers from all fields, and host community activities, to let children.

ETU Space is a community-based future learning center. We hope that children and adults can experience a happy and complete educational life. At the same time, ETU Space is a global community linking together innovative educational resources. We welcome our neighbors, friends from afar, to build this innovative and growing community together.

Main courses

Based on core literacy training and national curriculum standards, we focus on the cultivation of thinking ability, learning methods and core competencies. Our classes are very unique and interesting, designed to empower kids to love learning and have fun while gaining knowledge.

Current Courses: TPRS English course

Future Courses: Mathematical thinking, Chinese book reading and more

Innovative courses

Enriching the development of students’ unique abilities. Let children discover their interests in a multi-dimensional say.

Main courses: Art courses, STEAM and robotics, string music courses.

Future courses:STEAM related Series Courses, Humanities Literacy Courses.

interdisciplinary PBL camp

Through project-based learning, we build connections between different disciplines by carefully selecting learning themes including painting, drama, music, language, design, architecture, carpentry, programming, etc. By teaching toward’s children’s interests, we can uncover and cultivate their potential and help them achieve self-understanding and self-development.


Explore nature, serve society, challenge yourself, embrace the world, and expand your humanity.

We will go over the world: To experience education in Finland, to explore the nature of Japan, to experience the life of studying abroad in silicon valley.

We will practice public welfare: Use our knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems in Laojun mountain in Yunnan and Xiangxi in Hunan.

We will go out to explore nature:Take challenges, and gain a deeper understanding of traditional culture and the city.